filippo scarpi


I was born in Venice, Italy, in 1978, I am an architect living mostly in Milan, but also in Venice and Padua.
I discovered photography as a reality interpretation tool when I was 20.
I’m working on my own projects where photography is intended as an instrument for cultural investigation and on assignment as well.

I work digitally (Canon camera and lenses) and on film (Mamiya 645 medium format system and Arax medium format 6x6 pentacon six system).

My technical knowledge in architecture and my passion for technology work blend well with my photography skills, creating stunning images for engineering and architecture building industry.
My work covers artistical rendering, photomontage, simulations and photographic assistance to construction processes.

My work also covers fine art environmental and landscape photography, architecture photography, classic portraiture, fine art nude and events shooting.

Recent activities:

collective exhibition at "Ore 20" gallery, Rome, Italy, from 25th of november to 16th of december 2007

collective exhibition Venice International Photo Contest at "Santa Maria della Pietà Institute", Venice, Italy, from 8th to 22nd of december 2007

collective exhibition at "Ore 20" gallery, Rome, Italy, from 16th of december 2007 to 27th of genuary 2008

collective exhibition at "Teatro comunale di Torre Santa Susanna", Brindisi, Italy, from 19th february to 3rd of march 2008

collective exhibition at "gibilterra" gallery, Milan, Italy, from 1st to 31 of march 2008

collective exhibition at Excelsior Palace Hotel, Palermo, Italy, from 6 to 13 of march 2008

collective exhibition at "Ore 20" gallery, Rome, Italy, from 30th of march to 30th of april 2008

special mention at "Tracciati urbani Adriatici" prize , exibition at ex Asili di via Tombesi dall' Ova, Ravenna, Italy, from 5th to 16th of may 2008

collective exhibition at " metrocult : biennale di cultura metropolitana " , politecnico di milano - bovisa , Milan , Italy , 13-14-15 of june 2008

personal exhibition " scaena ductilis " at 3rd indastria fotofestival , mussolente (vi) , italy , from 17th to 26th of october 2008

personal exhibition "scaena ductilis" at "skipintro" , milan , italy , 14-31 january 2009

first prize in "digital image" section at "verona prize 2009", exhibition at international center of photography "scavi scaligeri" verona , italy, from 17/01 to 8/02 2009

Honorable Mention at "IPA International Photography Awards" 2009 , Los Angeles , in Fine Art - Portrait category for the winning entry "Intimacy (n. 1; n.3;n.5;n.6)." Visit

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